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Myoskeletal Therapy utilizes Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques (MAT) as well as many other healing forms of manual therapy. These unique techniques have been described as the missing link between chiropractic care, physical therapy and massage. The goal of MAT is to provide whole body alignment so that results are long lasting and can be maintained. Never is just one problem corrected. We provide corrections wherever they are needed in your body which is why our sessions often lead to complete and lasting results without the need for frequent visits.

This is the Myoskeletal difference.

Our entire body is connected, therefore everything associated with a painful area must be addressed, not just the area that hurts. Most people don't realize just how many things in our body can cause it to be in pain. That is why Myoskeletal Therapy provides treatment wherever it is needed, which may not be at the site of your pain. For example: your hand pain might be cause by an old shoulder surgery, and your back pain may be cause by your rotated hip. This is why it is so important to complete a thorough assessment prior to beginning your sessions. It allows all areas of dysfunction to be identified and establishes a plan right from the start.

Myoskeletal Therapy has an emphasis on prevention. Early recognition and correction of body strains prevent them from becoming body pains. We all have a pain threshold where we begin to notice pain. We never know what is lingering under this threshold until it becomes aggrevated to the point of pain. During Restorative Sessions these lingering areas are identified and restored to their proper function.

For those in need of specific pain relief we offer an Initial Assessment to identify all of your body's structural imbalances followed by Restorative Sessions to correct those imbalances. All areas of dysfunction are discussed following the Initial Assessment and you will be fully informed as to what your sessions would include and how your pain will be addressed.