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Holistic Health Services

Holistic Health Coaching

The world of holistic health can be challenging to navigate. Don't spend valuable time and money on products and cookie cutter programs that aren't right for you. With this service you work one-on-one with Amy to ide​ntify what your body needs, and what it doesn't, to allow it to return to optimal health. No expensive tests, no pricey supplements. Just practical and effective health coaching to guide​ you in achieving the results you seek!

This starts with an Initial Consultation. Upon scheduling, you're emailed a comprehensive questionnaire that covers everything from diet and exercise to candida and energy imbalances. **This form must accompany you to your Consultation, so allow time for you to complete the form when scheduling your appointment** 

At this first meeting we go over your questionnaire and discuss what your plan will look like and what you can expect. From there we schedule your Strategy Session where you receive your assessment results and personalized Wellness Plan. After that, you decide when you want to return for follow-ups and plan progression! 

Initial Consultation: $65

Strategy Session: $110

Follow-up appt: $75/60min

**Upon scheduling your Initial Consultation, you'll be emailed your Questionnaire to be completed and brought to your appt.

**Clients enrolled in Holistic Health Coaching receive 20% off our Wellness Tests. 

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Intuitive Guidance Session

As a gifted Intuitive, Amy offers this service to assist those who seek guidance or direction from the divine. 

During the session you can choose to be seated or lying down. As you begin discussing what you would like guidance on, Amy begins receiving messages from your higher self and/or your angelic team. A discussion then begins as messages are relayed and you work towards gaining a better understanding of your path.


$65 - 45 minutes

**Messages that come through may not always relate to your current questions. The divine may deem that you have more important information to hear. 

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Chakra Balancing

Chakras are part of our energetic body. They need healing and attention just like our physical body. An imbalance in any of our chakras can result in significant disturbances to our emotional and physical well-being.

This session identifies your specific areas of dysfunction and restores them to their original healthy state by using our exclusive Chakra Orgonites (by Intuitive Orgonites) and other healing modalities.

$55 - plan on 45-50 minutes

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