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What is Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy? please click HERE

What do I wear? Undergarments are required as you will be moving into different positions throughout your session. You can wear athletic shorts or other undergarment and disposable bra tops will be provided for women, if desired. Sessions are provided in a private treatment room and a top sheet is used to maintain modesty at all times.

Do you work on children/elderly? Yes. Everyone is welcome here! If you are wondering if our services are appropriate for someone's particular circumstances, don't hesitate to call our office for a quick phone consultation. Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

Is this covered by insurance? No. We wouldn't be able to provide the quality care and individualized treatments if insurance reimbursement was utilized. Our services may however be covered partially by a "wellness program" that some companies provide. It may be worth checking your policy.

Do you allow tips? No. We believe clients should keep as much cash in their pockets as possible so we have a no tipping policy.

Does it hurt? As dysfunctional areas are identified you may feel a sense of discomfort as that area is corrected. Many refer to this as the "it hurts good" feeling. Everyone is different however and all work is done to your body's specific tolerance. You may feel slightly achy after sessions, due to muscles relaxing and realigning.

How often do I have to come? Everyone is different and this will be answered more specifically after your Initial Assessment. Pain relief clients typically come once per week to begin, then quickly taper off to every 2 weeks, or once per month. Preventative Sessions are scheduled at the clients discretion, however a minimal monthly appointment is optimal.

What kind of oils/lotions do you use? We never use oils, and sparingly use lotion. When it is needed an all natural, non-fragranced crème is used.

What is your cancellation policy? If more than two same day cancellation/rescheduling/no-shows occur, you will be subject to a $30 reinstatement fee. Otherwise, cancellations and reschedulings are penalty-free.