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Pink Himalayan Body Scrub: Our Himalayan salt scrub is a powerful detoxifier packed with healing minerals for your entire body. With essential oils added, this body scrub becomes a luxurious spa treatment that not only exfoliates but also heals, soothes and revitalizes skin.

Dry Brushing: Toxin build-up in the body causes inflammation, sickness and disease. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system, releasing these trapped toxins, allowing them to be safely filtered through the body. 

Steam Sauna: Steam Therapy is an ancient method of detoxification. By creating a "false fever" it causes the body to expel toxins, reduce muscle tension and increase metabolism. A steam canopy is applied over your body while you relax comfortably on our massage table. This treatment is especially beneficial when combined with our Body Scrub treatment. 

Ion Cleanse Detox Foot Bath: A powerful detoxification method to aid your body in achieving optimal health and function. Ion Therapy is a scientifically proven way to cleanse and purify the body. Many experience a decrease in pain and an overall feeling of improved well-being after just one session. For more information in this modality click HERE.

Any Single Detox Service: $40

Add-on any Detox Service: $35


Choose any THREE of the above services. Call to notify staff of your selections if you schedule online, or call our office to book your appointment and make your selections.