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There is a clear need in healthcare today for practitioners who take a "whole body" approach when working with someone in pain. People seeking pain relief all too often find themselves caught in a trap of endless referrals, snowballing medications, lost time and money, and feelings of frustration and defeat. But here at Pain Relief & Healing Center, LLC we are determined to be part of your solution, not another wasted expense or dead end.

Our approach to pain relief is simple, yet seldomly practiced in today's conventional medicine. We aim to find the root cause of your pain, then naturally assist your body in correcting what it can. After that, you are taught how to maintain those results on your own so that you can reclaim control of your health.

Our ultimate goal is not just pain relief, but to fully empower people to be well. This is why we also offer relaxation and detoxification services, as well as an Oxygen Bar and a variety of quality health and wellness products. People can stay for one service, enjoy a full-day of healing, or use our facility for their own Spa Party.

Continue through our website to learn more about us and our services.